Room at the Table, A Leader's Guide to Advancing Health Equity and Inclusion
Advantage Media Group
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Room at the Table

A Leader's Guide to Advancing Health Equity and Inclusion

Advantage Media Group

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What Was Your First Memory of Race?

This opening question is the heart and soul of “Room at the Table.” The word
equity is thrown around in multiple media outlets, corporations, and non-
profits. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion… Many shy away from these terms,
convinced that they already understand. In truth, these concepts are a mystery
to most. It’s more important than ever to grasp the vital, far-reaching aim of
the equity lens. What does this work look like? What does it sound like? What
actions must equity leaders take to turn the future of leadership into a

With public health injustices on the rise, grounded equity leadership can
forge the path to a more healthy, understanding, and effective outlook for all
of our futures. In her groundbreaking work, Dr. Renee Branch Canady, CEO of
the Michigan Public Health Institute, shares through research and candid
stories what it’s like to be on the front lines as an equity public health
leader. In a culture centered on optics, Dr. Canady brings to light the true
act of doing for the sake of change.

Points of focus include:

• The innovative concept of “Leadering”
• Using our outrage to enact change
• Seeing, saying, and doing differently
• Acting courageously in the face of institutional racism
• Leading with authenticity
• Harboring the conviction to move equity work forward, one step at a time

In Dr. Canady’s words, “Health equity leadership is a new leadership in this
space that’s predicated by what’s happening at this moment. It hasn’t happened
before. Focusing on others, a willingness to be courageous, and a willingness
to do something that hasn’t been done before is a grey space in health equity

“Room at the Table” addresses this grey space with unflinching honestly and
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